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July 16, 2012
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Terezi walked down the hall and in to the computer room looking for Karkat. She almost ran into a few walls on her way, since she was texting… well and blind, but anyways.

“K4RKL3S?” she was texting Karkat, her Matesprit. She couldn’t really remember how long they had been together, seeing as counting the days wasn’t the top of her priority list on this damn asteroid.


She grinned to herself. He always told her to stop, but he never once did anything about it. He was so stupid sometimes. Thinking he was in charge. Sure he was the leader, but that was of the trolls not their relationship. If anything… she “wore the pants” in this relationship.

“K4RKL3S! WH3R3 H4V3 YOU B33N? 1 H4V3 B33N LOOK1NG 3V3RYWH3R3 FOR YOU.” She looked up from her phone to see him sitting with his back to her in a computer chair. She smiled and quietly tiptoed up behind him. Planning to scare the shit out of him when he messaged her back.


“And I thought I was the blind one… I’m right behind you dumbass.”

Karkat quickly spun around his chair, jumping at the sight of her being that close. “Holy taintchafting fuck hey.” He put his hand on his heart as if to calm the beating.

She crossed her arms over her chest and tapped her foot impatiently. “I swear if I could roll my eyes I’d be having a god dam eye rolling party over here… you are such a dumbass Karkles.”

He looked relieved and he stood up, hugging her tightly around the shoulders and she hugged him back. “You scared the shit out of me, I thought I had lost you.”

She sighed at his stupidity. “Lost me to what you fucking idiot?”

“Shut the hell up and stop fucking worrying me all the time you fucking bitch.” He gave her one more squeeze before letting go kind of awkwardly and looking off shyly.

She punched his arm. “Don’t call me a bitch you ass.” She gave him a sly grin and laughed. “And I didn’t know I was worrying you “dear”.

He sat back down and crossed his arms. “So now you’re playing that card, huh? Real mature “hun”. He furrowed his brow and chewed the inside of his cheek trying to stifle a small smile.

She just laughed and sat down on his lap, putting her arms around his neck and hugging him. “You do know you are such an asshole sometimes “babe”. She giggled, trying not to start laughing again. “And I really don’t have a single clue what “card” I’m supposedly playing.”

He growled at her, which turned into an awkward laugh. “Yeah thanks, the “I try to run away from you and make you worry a fucking storm” card- oh wait.” He wrapped his arms securely around her waist and gritted his teeth. “Sweetie.” He said through clenched teeth… he really did hate nicknames.

“Well I am just so terribly sorry “darlin’.” I wasn’t tryin’ to worry you.” She laughed at her fake southern belle accent. “I truly am ever so sorry.” She said it sarcastically, before kissing his cheek.

He stuck his tongue out at her, mocking her and repeating her sarcastic remark in a whiny voice. “I swear to gog, you better be “hunny bun”. He kissed her forehead and carefully took off her glasses, setting them on the computer table behind him before putting his arms back around her waist.

“Oh I am “sweetie pie” can you ever forgive me?” She batted her lashes at him, still using her fake southern belle accent sarcastically. In her mind, they tended to tease each other and pretty much be complete assholes sometimes(mostly him), but she loved him anyways.

“Depends on your crappy sarcasm ever letting up, “my love”. His cheeks started to turn a deep red due to her being this close… it happened every time. He quickly hid his face in her shoulder, hugging her as a cover up.

She giggled and lifted his head up to give him a kiss. “Ok whatever, I see how you are. You were just as sarcastic “sexy”. She teased him, saying “sexy” sarcastically before laughing, and blushing herself. “And I love you too. I also think it’s pretty adorable when you blush, expecially when you try to hide it… I can smell it dumbass.” She grinned at him, trying not to laugh again.

“ “Dearest”, I want you to know that I fucking hate your nose. You’re beautiful, but I just really fucking hate that nose of yours with a burning passion.” He put her glasses back on her childishly and tried to keep his voice flat and sarcastic. “I am adorable to a blind bitch… go me.”

She laughed at him, taking her glasses off and putting them on his face instead before kissing him hard right on the mouth. He made a little squeak, but promptly kissed her back. “You are a huge ass “honey” and I am not a bitch… and my nose hates you too. It told me so.” She smirked and laughed again, still blushing from earlier.

“Oh did it now, “lovely”?! His voice accidentally squeaked from the unexpected kiss, which made his blush deepen but he ignored it and leaned in to give her nose a little playful nibble, being careful not to bite hard.

She laughed again and accidentally snorted which quickly shut her up and made her blush bright and noticeable. “Yes it did “handsome”… and it also told me to tell you that squeak was cute… Oh what was that nose? We should? Don’t you think he’d get mad? No? Me either.” She just sat and grinned at him while he babbled on.

He laughed. “Haha, What was that adorable noise I just heard from this cute teal face huh, “hot stuff”? Jegus Tez, you look like a blushing bri-“ She cut him off by licking his cheek.

“Yup nose, you are brilliant! He is blushing again!” She laughed and hugged him tightly as he buried his face into hers this time, pecking at her jawline with small kisses as he murmured against her skin. She squeaked unexpectedly at the kissing on her jawline but she quickly relaxed into it.

“And this other noise, that sounds like a cute little wriggler laughing? Nose? What would that be?” He continued kissing her jawline as he murmured the words.

“You ass it wasn’t cute.” She said quietly as her blush brightened. “And my nose says you can go fuck a bucket.” She giggled the words, closing her eyes and relaxing against him.

This is what I call amazing roleplay turned to crappy fanfic! yay! Peyton, this is the beginning of my spamming you dear.
btw, for anyone who actually bothered to read this... I was Terezi c:
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lol thanks c: when I rp her I constantly tease him lol its funny when he gets mad
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